Oven Baked S’Mores Dip!

S'mores Dip!It was the night before the first day of school – one of our daughters was having a friend sleep over and wanted to bake something with her.  S’mores came to mind.  How did all of summer go by without making a single s’more??  One of our options was to uncover and dust off the old outdoor fire unit I picked up from a garage sale a few years back.  There was no telling if it still would work.  We decided to get crafty and think of ways we could make s’mores inside with the oven.  I’ve heard of scarey stories of kids trying to make s’mores on the stove top – putting out a kitchen fire was not on the top of my list of things to do the night before school starts back up.

We picked up a bag of regular sized marshmallows, our favorite Guittard milk chocolate chips, and a box of grahams…my daughter picked cinnamon grahams.

Once we unpacked our 5 bags of groceries (yes I went a little over board prepping for school lunches and snacks this first week back!) and we got out a little round cake pan.  Ours is non-stick but I’d recommend putting a piece of parchment or wax paper down first – this stuff is uber sticky.

Next the chippers.  Go ahead, empty the bag.  The fun part for the kiddos was arranging the marshmallows on top.  They were thrilled to find out there were exactly enough to fill the round pan!

making smores dip

We heated the oven to 350 degrees.  We set the timer to 8 minutes although I made sure the girls were keeping a close eye on those mallows with the oven light on.  We checked every couple minutes to make sure they didn’t burn.

At around 6 to 8 minutes we turned the oven from Bake to Broil to get the tops of the marshmellows nice and toasty brown but only for a couple minutes.

We let them cool for a couple minutes and voila!  Time for sticky, messy, dipping fun.

Another idea is to make more individual sizes by using a non-stick mini muffin tin.  We are going to try that next time.  Maybe it will keep us from eating the whole pan at once.

It starts looking like a goopy mess after the first several dips but it doesn’t stop tasting amazing.  These things are even good the next day.  They may not be pretty but they taste like the finest taffy I’ve had.

Let me know what you think and comment if you try making them – enjoy!

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