How to Make Cool Swirly Nail Polish Marbleized Easter Eggs

How to Make Cool Swirly Nail Polish Marbleized Easter Eggs

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found this pic from 3 years ago in my Instagram feed!

Easter is around the corner.  I was having visions of these fun, swirly painted eggs we used to make.  We made them a few years back.  I scrounged through my Instagram feed from 3 years ago to find a couple of my favorite decorated Easter eggs ever.

My gals were experimenting with water marble techniques for nails.  We tried it with eggs and had amazing, swirly results.  Turned out we were not the first to transfer the water marbleizing technique to eggs.

For example, just watch this DIY video  – I particularly like the gal in the video tutorial’s sweet southern accent:

The great thing about making Cool Swirly Nail Polish Marbleized Easter eggs is that you  have everything you need for this fun craft project in your cupboards and kitchens.

Eggs?  – got ’em

Fun colored left over nail polishes?  – tons

A plastic container?  – sure

Toothpicks? – think so

Gloves? – yep!

Experiment with the number of colors you use and with the shades.  Making the designs in the water is half the fun.

As I was going through my Instagram feed from a few years back I came across this goodie as well:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 3.33.39 PM.png

aunt Cici’s handy work with her cute egg ladies wearing head scarves

Do you prefer to hallow out your eggs for painting or use hard-boiled eggs?  I find hallowing them out to be a bit stressful and tedious so I choose to hard boil.  I follow a blog called Gimme Some Oven.  Ali did a whole series on how to cook eggs this week.  It was awesome.  Here’s her video on how to get perfectly hard-boiled eggs.

Egg-cellent!  Next up, a healthier version of hard-boiled eggs.  Check back to my other site, OvenHug for quick, easy, and healthy recipe inspiration.

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